Frequently Asked Questions

Who can buy from Bonnett Wholesale Florist?
We are strictly a Wholesale distributor. We only sell to floral retailers.

Can I purchase fresh flowers?
Fresh flowers are only sold to retail businesses with a cooler for regular resale of product. Ex: I have a craft store. I can only purchase supply items as I do not have a cooler for fresh floral.

How do I set up an account for my business to purchase from Bonnett’s?
Call to speak with Karen at ext 316. She will help you determine if you are eligible to set up an account and send out the paperwork to complete.

What methods of payment are available?
Discuss your terms with Karen at the time of account set up. We accept checks, cash, credit/debit cards and ACH payments.

Do you have a rebate program?
Yes. For customers who pay their balance in full by the 10th of the next month. Credit/debit card payments do not qualify for a rebate.  Contact Karen for information including minimums and percent on rebate terms.

How much is shipping/ delivery charge?
Shipping costs vary depending on the items, location and shipping method. We only ship to customers outside of our delivery area.

We deliver 6 days a week to customers within our delivery area. $6.00 delivery charge outside of the Quad Cities. $4.00 local delivery. There is no charge for in person pick up when needed. Delivery area is subject to change. Discuss delivery options with your sales representative.

Do you have a catalog \ can I purchase items online?
We do not have a catalog or price list due to the varying product availability and cost. Your sales person will be able to talk with you about availability and price of items. Both availability and cost are subject to change without notice.

Online sales are not available at this time. To order, communicate with your sales representative from the department you wish to order from. (fresh flowers/Plants/Supply-hard goods) You are assigned one from each dept.

Do I have to place a minimum order?
Outlying delivery areas may have a minimum order/certain day of the week for delivery. This will be discussed when you open your account. Speak to your sales representative if you are unsure/believe you have an exception.

When can I expect delivery?
Typically, the next business day for basic in stock items. Discuss with your sales representative if you have a future date needed or need a special order. We deliver 6 days a week M-SAT.

How do I know if an item I need is in stock?
Discuss your order with your sales representative. They will be able to tell you if an item is in stock. This also applies to seasonal items.

How do you handle out of stock items? Can you place an item on back order?

Supply department will place items that will be restocked on back order if a customer wishes to receive them when they are back in stock. Items will ship when they become available again. Discuss any back-order items with your sales representative.

Fresh flowers are not back ordered. Discuss with your representative any substitutions for items not available.

Is it possible to shop in person?
Discuss with your sales representative if/when a good time is available to shop in person. We do have special events throughout the year when in-person shopping is available as well.